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Goat Talk

DOE: Female Goat

DOELING: A baby female goat

YEARLING: A one year old goat

BUCK: Male Goat

BUCKLING: A baby male goat

WETHER: Castrated male goat

KID: Baby goat, either male or female

SIRE: Father

DAM: Mother

KIDDING: Giving birth

PROGENY: Offspring

POLLED: When a goat is naturally born without horns

DEBUDDED/ DISBUDDED: Removing the horn bud early in life

SCURS: Normally a small horn growth from disbudding. Usually occurs more in bucks, or those              that the disbudding act was incorrectly administered. 

DRENCHING: Oral administration of medication. Normally medication for worming

BANDING/BANDED OR RINGED: The use of castration rings to remove the testicles

SCOURS: Diarrhoea that is usually caused from incorrect milk feeding

CAPRINE: The scientific name for the goat species

BUSH GOAT: Wild or feral goat

BUTTING:  A method of fighting by which one animal strikes the head and horns of its opponent.

         Also a way of playing

ROUGHAGE: A high fibre, low total digestible nutrient feed consisting of coarse bulky plants or             plant parts; dry or green feed.

RUMEN: The large first compartment of a ruminant’s stomach containing a microbial population             that is capable of breaking down forages and roughages.

WATTLE/TOGGLE:  A small fleshy appendage attached on or near the throat area of the goat            and which serves no known function.

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