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Kidding Season

Kidding season is one of the most exciting times of year with lots of little bouncing hooves and happy doting mumma goats. 

We tend to wait until September to bring kids into the world, Mating in April/ May.

This means we have seen the worst of the cold Granite belt winter and as spring brings the warmer weather, it also brings the green pastures and hopefully some rains. 

We do supervised mating (yes! we watch) When a a doe comes into season, we put her with a chosen buck into their own paddock for the day, and sometimes the day after as well. She will then return to the herd at dinner time and the buck will also return to the bachelor pen with the boys.  This also means we can calculate when each doe is due. and be ready for the big event. 
Yes, its more time consuming, watching every morning and afternoon for signs of a doe wanting a date with a buck. But... its more time consuming constantly watching a doe in case she goes into labour if we dont know her due date. Always checking signs that she may be close. I spent near 3 weeks, in the middle of winter with a doe that i brought who was 'running with a buck' with signs she was so close. Every night, alarms set every 2 hours with the CCTV monitor beside me, i would still brave the cold to check on her. So, now we do it this way. and last year, We had 18 kiddings and I was there for every single one. (and not needed thankfully for any of them). 












Every Doe is special and every doe has her own way of dealing with labour. Some don't want you anywhere near them, and some want you right there, holding them. Some of my more standoffish girls, become the biggest sooks, and my quiet girls, look at me like "come one step closer and im going to butt you' But, you learn their personalities and their signs and its just best to watch from a distance and only step in if needed. Their instincts are so strong. They know what needs to be done. and they will show you. 

I have documented one of our does journey, from mating to kidding. 
If you would like to know more about Stellas journey into motherhood. 
please click below. 


(contains graphic content- The natural process of kidding) 


Stella's Journey
Jacob helping with our Elf triplets
Fancy with her kid in a heated pod.

More Info coming soon 

Please check back, im still working on the website. :) 

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