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Our Goats 

Our Goats live in close daily contact with us.

Every morning, we are greeted and they are let out of their own pens,into paddocks, and at night they all return to their safe and warm pens. In Winter, these goats are spoilt!

With heaters, insulated pens & beds, and jackets put on them each night,

they are pretty comfortable in the cold winters of the Granite Belt. 
With CCTV running 24/7 we are always in contact with our 4 legged family.

Come kidding season, Boy, does it ramp up.

Like many other goat owners, I've spent many a night consoling a doe in her pen.  But we wouldn't want it any other way. We know which goat is calling, which bleat belongs to who, why they are calling.It just never gets old. Our goats keep us busy, that's for sure, but they also keep us entertained.  They keep us grounded and focused on what matters.

They share their hearts, their love for us and each other in a way that only goats can.

We are blessed with our Journey so far and cant wait to see what the future brings for Pippinwood.  

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