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Stella's Journey 

Like many people new to the miniature goat world, I visited a stud near Brisbane, where I brought my first few does, from a Gumtree advertisement.

In the background of one of the photos, was a little grey goat, with little tiny ears. I instantly loved the look of that goat. but knowing she wasn't the one for sale, I kept my mouth shut. I did tell my mother of this goat in the background. She said, "just ask when you get there, they might be willing to sell that goat" 

Well, i did ask. and i got a quick reply 'No, she wont be for sale"

Fair enough, I wouldn't want to sell her either.  So life went on. 

Then the start of 2019, I got a message from that same lady, (which I had now brought many goats from her), she explained, she sold many goats when she moved interstate, but Stella had travelled with her. but now, the time had come where Stella has to find a new family. Well I didnt have to think long at all.

YES PLEASE!! So, Stella was on her way back to QLD, along with her friends, Olenna, Cinnamon and her Daughter Cersei. 
I was over the moon. I will finally get my Grey elf doe. 
Stella and friends  came and settled right in to the herd and met some of her old friends which I had previously brought from the same lady. 


Now this grey goat, I had seen before at shows. So arriving mid-show season, she was straight into the show team. Winning grand Champion ribbons and taking out first place in every udder class she went in. and she loved it. 

Now some people are natural posers, well. Stella had the show ring all figured out. walk in, stand, be square and smile for the judge. She is just amazing to watch.  Come show time. We all watch this goat. 

So Stella had a year here, before we decided to mate her with our buck Arkyn. 
She was mated on the 7th Dec and was due 5th May 2020. 
She didn't change much in the first 4 months. She continued in the show circuit, Winning Supreme Champion at the first Stanthorpe Show, Beating nearly 100 goats for the coveted Garland.  Then, to make sure she wasn't to be forgotten, she backed that win up again, Winning Supreme at the next show at Allora. 
Needless to say, Stella gets special treatment. She is a tad bit spoilt.  


She was now to retire from the show ring, to have her kids, Toowoomba Royal Show was the next show, in March 2020 but Stella was not to go. (turns out Covid-19 cancelled all shows, so no goats went) 

So the week before she was due, we kept a close eye on her, watching for changes. Each doe is different and show signs in different ways. Some get sooky, some dont want to be touched. Stella just stayed the same. Getting wider and eating in her own pen. no big changes, no difference at the back end. I must have checked the dates a dozen times to be sure. 

Then one morning, when I let the girls out, Stella didn't go straight to the hay feeder... Yay! its time. Thats it, thats all the signs she was willing to give me. 

So I went out there and she came up for a pat.

OK Girl. you got this! 
Time to go inside, get the kidding kit, the camera, a coffee , a jacket and some blankets. Its damn cold. 
She waited for me at the gate. she wanted me there. :) 

Ok.  sure fine. no worries. so down, up, and side to side she went all around the paddock finding the perfect spot to kid. She knew was she was doing. She found a spot in the sun, up against the fence, which when she went into hard labour, she used to fence to push against.. she is a smart girl! 


She started to dig a patch, laid down and started pushing, the first push saw the plug and waters break, then it wasn't long and out came a beautiful grey elf boy. followed by another black swiss elf boy with blue eyes. Amazing. 

She wanted me there, but didn't need me. I helped dry them off quickly due to the cold winds blowing. I put betadine on their little belly button cords and backed off to watch as mum, guided the kids to her teats and they fed.

OK Girl you don't need me now. I came back inside and watched from the window. 

If every doe could be pregnant and kid like Stella. life would be so good. 

Stella is a blessing. she has no vices. she has cemented her place in our family and in many a heart. 


She will return to the show ring, which she loves so much. If you ever see Stella at show, be sure to say Hello. and watch her strut her stuff. 


UPDATE: Stella is now an Australian Champion. the 4th goat to receive this coveted title. Check out our Australian champion page for more details. 




Stella's Birth Video 

The Natural birth of a mini goat
WARNING: Graphic Content . 


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